Computer Posturograph STP-03

Production of STP-03 is discontinued!

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  • Stabilometrie by Romberg with harmonic analysis and rehabilitation (biofeedback)
  • For objective and reproducible diagnostic periferal and central defect of balance.
  • For diagnostic use in ORL, neurootology, clinic neurology, professional medicine and rehabilitation.
  • For therapeutic use in clinic medicine and rehabilitation.
  • For active training with defect of balance.


Komplexni reseni zavratovych stavu funkcnimi metodami from Doctor Mojmír Lejska
(only on Czech language)

Technical parameters

Dimension 420 x 420 x 65 mm
Weight 17.5 kg
Range of load 15 až 150 kg
Power source AC 230 V / 50 Hz
Control and data transfer Serial interface RS232
Length of measure 1 to 120 second
Rehabilitation Static rehabilitation 10 to 300 second.
Dynamic rehabilitation - unlimited points and unlimited rehabilitation models. Up to 999 repetition.
Data storage Default PARADOX tables through Borland Database Engine. Optionaly other database through BDE.
Hardware requirement PC 486 or high, Windows 95/98/NT, 16 MB RAM, 50 MB free on HDD, free COM port.
Price 2.800 EUR


Trajectory of centre of gravity Trajectory of centre of gravity. Open/Close eyes.


Harmonic analyse trajectory Harmonic analyse trajectory.

Zobrazení při rehabilitaci

Static rehabilitation Static rehabilitation


Dynamic rehabilitation Dynamic rehabilitation.


Unregistered version
Part of stabilometric plattform. Allow basic measure and rehabilitation.

Registered version
Registration unlock other functions:
  • Data export into csv (e.g. for Excel)
  • SQL questions
  • Graphs
  • Changing patient identification
  • Setting and executing user defined measure sequence (instead of Romberg)

Borland Database Engine (BDE)
BDE download here

Posturograph version 3.0.2
This program needs BDE 5.x.
  • User defined measure sequence.
  • Standards for measures.
  • Searching patient by some fields.
  • Filtering patients by some fields.
  • Groups on some forms renamed.
  • Changing patient identification.
  • Optionaly display trajectory without centring.
  • Opitonaly display harmonic analyse as table.
Full program
Disk 1 of program Posturograph (1377 kB)
Disk 2 of program Posturograph (312 kB)
Upgrade from version 2.2
Disk 1 of program upgrade (1381 kB)
Disk 2 of program upgrade (306 kB)

Posturograph version 2.2.4
This program needs BDE 5.x.
Disk 1 of program Posturograph (1375 kB)
Disk 2 of program Posturograph (543 kB)